College and Scholarships


Many or all teens involved with TeenMedia will be headed for college in the not too distant future. Both parents and teens should be aware that admittance to the college of choice for your teen rarely comes with a guarantee these days and the difficulty level of admittance continues to rise with each new freshman class.  Additionally, merit scholarships, which can amount to thousands of dollars require greater and greater levels of community involvement, unique activities and leadership skills.  That is why TeenMedia can be an incredible asset in the college application resume.  Today's college admission reviewers are looking for teen participation in service fields that demonstrate uniqueness of activity as well as commitment through long term involvement. TeenMedia offers a program of social commentary directed towards a worldwide community.  The many aspects of film-making develop group interaction, individual responsibility and team leadership roles which work together through TeenMedia to potentially influence social change in any corner of the world. At the same time, TeenMedia offers training in the basic attributes of writing, acting, cinematography, audio and organizational skills depending on what aspect of the process one pursues. Involvement in any of these activities can be a wonderful addition to both college and scholarship applications. TeenMedia is an awesome resource waiting to be utilized!