Video production tutorials!


Here are some very good video production Tips and Tricks.  I recommend everyone take a look at some or all of these tutorials.  Especially if you are in the camera crew or other production crew functions, these videos will show you what to expect when we start into production.

Tips on composition:


Here are some basic tips on composing a shot.

Shoot B roll:


This is why we need to shoot more than the basic plot/screenplay.

Funny video:


Here is a very well done video by some semi-professionals at "Red Giant" software. Check out what you can do with a DSLR camera and some decent sound. The music score was done by the brother of the director.  There is also a "behind the scenes" video which explains some of the process in putting this together.  These guys sell video production related software so of course they make these videos partially to promote their software. Very well done!

This is a must see!