TeenMedia OLPH is a ministry of Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Downey, California. Unique in structure and membership, this organization has been formed, developed and maintained almost entirely by teenagers and young adults ages 14-25, wishing to present Christian values and Catholic ideals to people from all walks of life and in all locations of the globe. It is designed specifically for young adults and relies almost entirely on youth participation for its organization and execution. TeenMedia OLPH has begun the process of establishing its identity as it continues on the journey of an exciting and engaging future which is now beginning to unfold.


 Teens in this program actively participate in the design and execution of high quality, video based short films exploring relevant topics of their own choice regarding morality, beliefs, and questions of faith pertaining to their lives and experiences. From initial concept to finished product, the teens work in unified teams with a common purpose and a universal goal. They experience incredible opportunities for youth community, team camaraderie, leadership and fun..


This website chronicles the projects and accomplishments of the OLPH Teen video production company. Stay tuned!